Coherent Cities helps diagnose and deliver ways for people and organisations working on cities to be more effective. That may mean better systems, training, confidence, connections – or just recalibrating how we work together.

To do that, we combine professional development and facilitation expertise with sector intelligence, lateral thinking and a straightforward approach to projects and relationships.

If you’re…

  • working with stakeholders on a contentious issue or place
  • wrestling with strategic direction or diversity stall-out
  • trying to form or reform your board
  • needing to hone your team’s communication or collaboration skills
  • in a bid or reporting slump

…we can help. We work with internal and external groups, from front-line and community representatives to CEOs and Council Leaders. We help your own team build skills, confidence and trust so they’re more self-sufficient. And we try to make every experience as positive as possible – including online!

Find out more about who we are and what we do, scan recent work and get in touch if you have questions.