David Lunts – Chief Executive, OPDC; former Executive Director, GLA Housing & Land

Lisa is one extraordinarily motivated, focussed and energetic individual. She has massive talents as a thinker, doer and motivator that make her a stand-out leader of teams, projects and partnerships. Recently, Lisa and her team ran our OPDC staff strategy day and they were amazing. The preparation was thorough, the organisation was first-rate and the facilitation on the day was excellent. Feedback from colleagues has been a unanimous and enthusiastic thumbs up and we will definitely be using Coherent Cities again. Show More Prior to this venture, Lisa’s tremendous achievements in transforming the fledgling Future of London non-for-profit into a powerful and sustainable organisation with genuine senior level reach and influence have won plaudits all across London. I had the pleasure of working with her very closely as chair of the Future of London board and rate her multi-faceted skills extremely highly. Whether as a leader of projects and teams, an adviser, a mentor, a chair/convenor or a facilitator, she covers the bases with an intelligence, passion, style and wit that is always stimulating to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Suzi Lawrence – Board Director & Director of Client Services, London Communications Agency

We got some really tangible things from yesterday’s diversity & inclusion workshops that we want to use – and we’ve started conversations today around involving different people in different teams. Lisa has been spot on working with the LCA team in terms of how to talk to them and get the most out of all of them – so thank you. I have really enjoyed it and know others have too.

Lorraine Gilbert – Head of Resident Engagement, Notting Hill Genesis

Lisa provided us with an outstanding tailored department away from start to finish. She worked diligently with our senior management team to create an activity programme that was engaging, creative, developmental and fun for everyone. Her planning and delivery reflected our department’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and resident satisfaction, which resulted in everyone actively engaging, from Officer to Director level. We would welcome working with Lisa again.

Nnenna Urum-Eke – Head of Development, LB Enfield; FoL Alumna

Lisa Taylor gets cities and the people who shape them. Always able to create opportunities and guide you to solutions, she is the fairy godmother… that every urban policy/built environment professional needs.

David Joyce – Corporate Director for Housing, Regeneration &  Planning, LB Haringey; former Director of Planning , LB Camden

Lisa provided an excellent facilitation approach for Camden’s Business Board Away Day. She brought great energy, enthusiasm and strategic perspective to an important set of discussions … Show More around priorities for Camden businesses over the next year [including] how Business Board members can use their collective lobbying power to achieve shared priorities… She is particularly adept at ensuring that all stakeholders get to have a say and she is excellent at timing provocations to ensure that alternative perspectives are heard and considered. Lisa’s energy and approach ensured that the Camden Business Board is in great shape for the year ahead with a clear programme and set of priorities.

Andrew Beharrell – Senior Partner, Pollard Thomas Edwards

It has been great fun working with Lisa… She combines a ready grasp of issues, an enquiring mind, infectious enthusiasm and humour, and she can coordinate and motivate a room full of diverse people and opinions.

Dave Hill – Writer/Editor, OnLondon

Lisa’s energy and enthusiasm for helping others work out the best ways for London to improve as it grows are a huge asset to a city where creative approaches to the tensions between continuity and change often seem in short supply.

Simon Day – Creative Director, D3 Ltd (Land Rover G4 Challenge)

On the most recent programme Lisa ran for me, she was partly tasked with approaching and negotiating with foreign governments and in-country agencies in order to gain high-level permissions for our programme to run… Show More This role is not anything that can be left to chance, so requires high levels of planning, translation of critical documents, a full understanding of political and corporate structures and most critically, a balance of when to speak and when to listen and learn. This is an environment where things seldom flow smoothly, so adaptability, quick recovery and the ability to view things from the reverse angle are skills that can turn ‘dead-end negotiations’ into successful ones. Lisa was irrepressible at this, and to her credit succeeded in attaining high-level agreements in Russia, Mongolia and China.

Karen Coshof – Executive Producer, Global Warming, the Signs & the Science (PBS)

I’ve worked with Lisa on a variety of projects. All I can say is “wow” – this is the most consummate professional project manager/ communicator I’ve worked with. Show More She has an innate ability to interact seamlessly with all levels of an organization – from front-line workers to CEO. She quickly understands the issues and complexities of any given challenge and can solve virtually any problem thrown at her, fast. Lisa is also a gifted writer, who can make the dullest, most complicated issue interesting and – more to the point – understandable. She’s fast, brilliant, and funny – hire her.