CityBites podcast: How do we lead now?

For most people working from home since March 2020, life is a rollercoaster propelled by lockdowns and releases, steep learning curves, waves of home-schooling, rising burnout and chaotic policy (this post goes online as the UK locks down for a third time).

In June, 88% of 5,500 surveyed employees said they wanted to continue some form of home working when offices reopen fully (PropelHub). In September, 69% of [US] employees surveyed said they were suffering from burn-out (Forbes – good tips in here).

In this interview, Miffa Salter, founder and director of Urbancanda, talks about the ‘luck’ of being ahead of the curve, the massive shift she’s seen from surge to burnout, and how leaders and learners can make the most of this less-than-ideal world.

Coherent Cities, Future of London and all of our partners are working to continually improve the calibre and feel of our online events, and to see which elements are worth carrying into the working world of the future. Watch this space. For now, hope you enjoy this chat with Miffa as much as I did!

Transcript: CityBites Podcast – Miffa Salter interview 4.12.20


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