#MapLondon conference: Monday 9th Dec, 2-6.30pm

Join this cross-sector group of fellow map-lovers and urban practitioners to share tools and trends, meet potential project partners and have a say in what digital maps can really accomplish in a lively, interactive event hosted by the good folks at Arup.



  • “Who are maps for?” Whether digital maps are produced for professionals or the public, how are end-users and uses being considered? Who pays and who benefits? What more can be accomplished with the tools we already have?
  • “Mapping the future” Where do we go from here? Trends in design, data, collaboration and the art of the possible. How do we work out the kinks, ‘do no harm’ and accelerate the best in mapping?
  • International perspective from urban designer Martina Juvara (whose talk on knitting together Nicosia was a highlight of Future of London’s 2018 Barriers conference). What can we learn from others?


  • Empowerment: Crowd-sourced session addressing accessibility, safety, social justice and health – what’s included or omitted in maps? How to include more citizen voices?
  • Place: How can maps highlight what’s already in place for planners, investors and developers? How can innovative apps enable quality placemaking and open-source data gathering?
  • Movement: As cities around the world clog with car, freight, commuter and scooter traffic, can streaming data help smooth our transit? Where and how do we draw the line on privacy?

TEST-DRIVES: At the start, break and end, get your hands on apps from Arup, Commonplace, Colouring London, AccessAble and others to ask questions, suggest uses or improvements and find project collaborators. If you have an open-source app you want to share, bring a laptop and we’ll provide a screen for you to use!


  • Theo Blackwell MBE – Chief Digital Officer for London
  • Dr Chlump Chatkupt – Founder, Placemake.IO
  • James Cheshire – Assoc. Professor, UCL Geography; co-author, London Information Capital
  • Polly Hudson – Senior Research Fellow, UCL CASA; Colouring London lead
  • Martina Juvara – Director, Urban Silence
  • Rebecca Lee – Senior Architect, Pollard Thomas Edwards & conference initiator
  • Damien McCloud & Kevin Cressy – Advanced Digital Engineering team, Arup
  • Euan Mills – Head of Digital Planning, Connected Places Catapult
  • Miranda Sharp – Innovation Director, Ordnance Survey
  • Alicia Francis & Mekor Newman – Directors, Newman Francis
  • Rory Olcayto – CEO, Open City
  • Ed Parham – Director, Space Syntax
  • Anthony Peter – Development Director & Lily Wydra – GIS Manager, Argent LLP
  • Sowmya Parthasarathy – Urban Design Leader, Arup Integrated City Planning
  • Fee Schmidt-Soltau – Head of Product &  Mike Saunders – CEO, Commonplace
  • Rosa Sulley – Consultant, Hatch Regeneris & Contributor, Urbanistas
  • Lisa Taylor – Founder, Coherent Cities & Executive Director, Future of London
  • Lucy Webb – Head of Regeneration, LB Croydon

Watch this space for the complete roster and for people and organisations you can meet on the day. Registration is via Eventbrite. £30 fee (incl VAT) includes lovely refreshments and commemorative poster! Of course if you’re speaking or sponsoring, we have a complimentary space for you and will be in touch with further details soon.

If you run into any issues or have questions, drop us a line at info@coherentcities.com

Thanks to our conference host & supporters: