Thanks to all of you who contributed to the 9th December #MapLondon conference – as speakers, chairs, supporters or engaged audience – more than 100 of you from a rich mix of backgrounds took part. We’ve had great feedback and there are calls for a follow-up in 2020 (would need a second commemorative poster, obvs). A survey is going out on that; please take a minute to respond.

We hope you’re sharing what you learned with someone new – we’ve already got one local government leader keen on #mapping that can show carbon-impact opportunity costs of planning/locating projects. If you’re working on that sort of thing, drop us a line:

See below for presentations, links, posts, video & pics – all photos courtesy of PTE’s Tim Metcalfe. Rebecca Lee’s post on what drove her to kick this off is here.

Here’s the latest: a short video on why we held the conference & what we hope to come from it. For content, check out CLGdotTV’s full set of interviews at – thanks to all the speakers who spared them a few minutes!




  • Empowerment: Crowd-sourced session addressing accessibility, safety, social justice and health – what’s included or omitted in maps? How to include more citizen voices?
  • Place: How can maps highlight what’s in place for planners, investors and developers? How can innovative apps enable quality placemaking and open-source data gathering?
  • Movement: As cities around the world clog with car, freight, commuter and scooter traffic, can streaming data help smooth our transit? Where and how do we draw the line on privacy?

TEST-DRIVES: At the start, break and end, guests were able to get their hands on apps from Arup, Commonplace, Colouring London, AccessAble and others to ask questions, suggest uses or improvements and find project collaborators. We’d love to hear what came of these sessions!


  • Theo Blackwell MBE – Chief Digital Officer for London
  • Dr Chlump Chatkupt – Founder, Placemake.IO
  • Kat Hanna – Euston Masterplan Strategist, Lendlease
  • Polly Hudson – Senior Research Fellow, UCL CASA; Colouring London lead
  • Martina Juvara – Director, URBAN Silence
  • Rebecca Lee – Senior Architect, Pollard Thomas Edwards & conference initiator
  • Euan Mills – Head of Digital Planning, Connected Places Catapult
  • Miranda Sharp – Innovation Director, Ordnance Survey
  • Alicia Francis & Mekor Newman – Directors, Newman Francis
  • Ruby Maynard-Smith – Citymaking Sessions Project Manager, Open City
  • Anna Nelson – Executive Director & David Livermore, Director, AccessAble UK
  • Rory Olcayto – CEO, Open City
  • Dr Riëtte Oosthuizen – Partner, HTA Design LLP
  • Dr Claudia Peñaranda – Chief City Planner, Transport for London
  • Suzie Croucher – Public Realm Development Manager & Lily Wydra – GIS Manager, Argent LLP
  • Sowmya Parthasarathy – Urban Design Leader, Arup Integrated City Planning
  • Fee Schmidt-Soltau – Head of Product &  Mike Saunders – CEO, Commonplace
  • Rosa Sulley – Consultant, Hatch Regeneris & Contributor, Urbanistas
  • Lisa Taylor – Founder, Coherent Cities & Executive Director, Future of London
  • Lucy Webb – Head of Regeneration, LB Croydon




For any questions or to get in touch with speakers, drop us a line at

Thanks to generous conference host Arup & our amazing supporters: